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Experimenting: Maple Panna Cotta With Chocolate Mi-Cuit and Gelee of Wild Blueberries

It started with tiny jars with layers of chocolate mi-cuit and maple panna cotta. Searched for a third top layer, just because I wanted one…plain ganache turned out too earthy, the tastebud equivalent of squishing mud on 5* hotel sheets. Scrapped.

Perhaps I am being too open actually discussing the development process. I suppose most bloggers don’t; they pluck complete masterpieces from their brains (it seems like it, doesn’t it?). Not that this will be a masterpiece. I just need to bring Something Good to Someplace Special…Sometime. I can’t really pretend I’m an old hand at this.

Wild blueberry gelee–or jelly–turns out to be a lovely compliment to the maple pannacotta, a freshener to the brownie-like mi-cuit. It helps that the gelee is sweetened with more maple. The berries after straining looked rather lonesome, so I swirled them with some maple liqueur and snuck a few under the hollow white chocolate heart.

It all sounds a bit tooth-achy but I promise it’s surprisingly delicate.

I have a camera…and my reflex is still to reach for my phone to take a picture. Ah well.

And–no recipes. There are quite enough on the Web already. No need for my humble mumbles…


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