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A Sad Day.


Dear LA Times:

I would like to call attention to an error in your article titled “Gourmet Magazine to Stop Publishing”. It seems you’ve mistakenly put ‘Gourmet’, when another term such as ‘Bon Appetit’ or ‘Golf Digest’ or ‘Self’ or some such similar synonym for second-rate-Conde Nast-title-that-deserves-to-be-trashed was appropriate.

I recommend this correction be made immediately; I suspect I am not the only reader who suffers guilt now for flipping through Gourmet titles at my Barnes & Nobles and sipping on coffee, paying gladly for the caffeine jumpstart on my body but taking the jumpstart on my soul GRATIS. Gourmet, I am sorry.

Suggested method of correction: Ms. Reichl writes a short letter for Gourmet stating that the rumors of its death are greatly exaggerated.

It was all a bad dream…


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